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Program Overviews

Image by Bradley Dunn


Almost every athlete does some form of strength and conditioning training these days. 

Most often we find that: 

- A program you follow from the club from an online program,

- Something that's made up on the spot by your coach 5 minutes before a session which leaves you sore for days,

- Or a program you put together yourself...

Most athletes think they have their strength and conditioning box 'ticked'. 

But if it was that simple we'd all be performing at our peak right?


Except we don't.


In reality, we see the opposite. Athletes who are injured, disproportioned or unable to tap into their full potential.


This is not your fault.

Athlete's are regularly fed misinformation, training gimmicks, and cookie-cutter programs that don't actually make you better. Instead of bulletproofing you from injury, most strength and conditioning programs are ineffective, only serving to increase fatigue and injury risk -- the complete opposite of what it should be doing.


If athletes go long enough without the support they deserve, they may go the rest of their athletic life never achieving what they were always capable of.


That's why we created the Athlete Development Program (ADP)...


... because we believe no athlete should walk away from the sport they love before they find out exactly how far they could go.

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